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Get Your Flyer Distribution and Letterbox Drop done with WE DO FLYERS

We specialise in high quality flyer distribution in Sydney, to get you more customers and clients for your business. 

Why choose WE DO FLYERS for your Flyer Distribution?

Maximum of Two Flyers

We only deliver two flyers per delivery. We don't bundle your flyer in with a dozen others. Your flyer will stand out, it won't be drowned out. We know this is a KEY factor to get you a high response rate for your flyers. Other distribution companies may look cheaper, but they will often have several flyers bundled together, decreasing your results, losing clients, and costing you money.

Custom Targeting

Our distributions allow for custom targeting. Choose which suburbs, streets, types of buildings you want to target. Select whether you want your flyers distributed to houses, apartments, commercial, or residential only. Have the ability to laser-focus on your desired audience using our demographics database. Avoid wasting flyers being delivered to properties outside of your criteria. Get more results!

GPS Map Reporting

We can distribute to an entire suburb, or down to specific streets at your direction. Each flyer distribution is GPS tracked which provides a map of exactly which streets your flyers were distributed to. We send these maps to you at the end of each distribution so you can see where your leads should be coming from!

Live GPS Tracking

All our walkers are tracked using Live GPS tracking. This ensures a reliable delivery, with your distribution being tracked every step of the way - Literally! Our Supervisors can monitor the progress of your distribution, walker to walker, street by street, house by house, in real-time. This provides the highest level of accountability and reliability for your distribution


We never put competing flyers together. You can know with confidence that your flyer will be the only one from your industry on any delivery, giving you the guaranteed upper hand.

Superior Staff

We love our staff. Our walkers are trained for efficiency and all of our protocols to ensure an effective promotion. They are paid fairly, and care about their job and getting you results. We additionally reward our walkers based on the results you get from your campaigns so they are even more motivated to see your campaign be successful!

Not only that, they are also trained to be a great representation and reflection of your business! It's not uncommon for our walkers to encounter the owners and occupiers of houses while distributing. We ensure our walkers look professional and friendly, and leave a great impression of your business with your potential clients.

Demographics Targeting Data

Knowledge is power. We have a thorough database of demographics of all suburbs throughout Sydney. With information pulled from latest Census data and offical reports, our database can help to target your ideal audience, and gain insights on them. We can provide insights on median age, income, percentage of home ownership vs renting, major occupations and industries, families with with children, education level, even the number of motor vehicles per household!

Use this information to narrow down and laser-in on your ideal clients. Or use it to gain better understanding of the demographics in your region to to better target your message and offerings for a higher response rate.

High Converting Flyer Design

Utilise our Flyer Design service for flyers that capture attention and get a high response from each campaign.

Marketing Strategy and Online/Offline Integration

Take advantage of our marketing strategy and toolbox to ensure you are getting the most from your flyer campaign. We cover everything from helping you with your targeting and demographics, high impact and high converse design, and even offer online/offline integration to bring together old school mediums and new school tech


You've got the flyers, We'll sort the distribution
$ 150
per 1,000
  • 3 Flyer Max per distribution
  • FREE Flyer Pick-up (over 5,000)
  • Same Week Distribution (within 7 days)
  • GPS Map tracking
  • Exclusivity - no competing flyers!
  • Custom Location Targeting


Marketing Strategy, Design, Printing, Distribution
We'll take care of everything from start to finish
$ 200
per 1,000 distribution
  • All as per Express Distribution PLUS:
  • Marketing Strategy Call
  • Flyer Design
  • Printing Coordination
  • Results Tracking
  • Online/Offline Integration
  • Demographics Targeting & Reports

How to get your flyers distributed with WE DO FLYERS?

The first step of our distribution process is a strategic marketing call, where we get to know you, you business, and your ideal clients. After this call, we conduct our own research into your target demographic, and work out the best strategic approach for you, to maximise your campaigns effectiveness. We can even integrate your Sydney flyer distribution campaign with your existing online strategies, such as incorporating QR (Quick Response) Codes on your flyers, planning a geo-targeting ads campaign to co-incide with your distribution, promoting your #hashtag campaigns, and developing coupon codes for your website that can track your flyer response rate and offer an incentive. 

Now we can map out for you our recommended locations for your distribution to best target your Ideal Client, and help you to develop an offer that will magnetise your ideal client to pick up their phone and call you. 

We take into account your campaign budget, and your campaign objectives, and help to calculate your potential Return On Investment (ROI) for your campaign, to make sure that it is going to be as financially rewarding as possible. 

These are all steps that are done before your flyer is even designed! This is a VITAL component in the success of your campaign, and will lead to a MUCH greater response rate. Without out doing this, you can have such silly things occur as a “campaigns for home owners to get their house valued” being sent to neighbourhoods which have a rental rate of 60%. You’ve automatically halved your potential results! We don’t want that for you! We want you to have a highly profitable flyer distribution campaign with us

Additionally, to help improve each campaign, and get you increasingly better and better results, we also offer the ability to monitor the results of your distribution. We can help you to track the responses that come directly from your flyer distribution, and over time, test and refine your flyer, your offer, your distribution maps, so that you end up with a fine-tuned campaign that gets above industry average results each time. 

And then we launch! 


You already have your own flyers, and know where you want them distributed

  1. CALL US! or alternatively, fill in any Contact or Quote Form on our website. We’ll also get text messages, or Facebook messenger messages. 
  2. PROPOSAL SENT: We’ll get back to you same day with a proposal of costs, amounts, locations, and distribution times. 
  3. ACCEPT PROPOSAL: When you’re happy to go ahead, give us a big YEAH! LET’S DO IT!
  4. WE COLLECT FLYERS: We’ll collect your promotion from you at your earliest convenience. This is a FREE service for Sydney metro, distributions over 5,000.
  5. WE DISTRIBUTE FLYERS : We’ll get them out the same week! Within 7 days or as directed. Each day of distribution, we’ll send you maps of exactly where our walkers have been so far, so you can track the progress (or we can send them all together on completion. 
  6. RESULTS: We’ll check in with you as to the results your getting from your campaign!
  7. INCOME: Invoicing is done weekly for routine distributions, to be paid within 7 days of invoice. For larger one of distributions, we may request a deposit, with balance payable on completion. 


We'll take you from start to finish: marketing plan, design, print, distribute, track results

  1. CALL US! or alternatively, fill in any Contact or Quote Form on our website. We’ll also get text messages, or Facebook messenger messages.
  2. PHONE MEETING: We’ll arrange a 20min phone meeting to discuss your business and project, and strategies the most effective flyer distribution campaign for you. 
  3. MARKETING PROPOSAL: We’ll send your marketing proposal within 24 hours. This will include demographics targeting, design, printing, and distribution plan. It will also include our recommendations of online/offline integration.
  4. ACCEPT PROPOSAL: When you’re happy to go ahead, send us two thumbs up! 
  5. DESIGN: We’ll get right onto designing your flyer and send you the initial designs for your approval. We allow two revisions (but you probably won’t need them!)
  6. PRINTING: This will be organised by us, with all files formatted for easy printing. You will also keep the file for your use. The printed flyers will be sent directly to us, with any additional forwarded to you at cost. Payment for printing is needed at this stage. 
  7. DISTRIBUTION: We complete your distribution within the same week we receive printing. 7 days or as directed by you. 
  8. RESULTS: We check in and monitor results from your campaign, so that we can continue to optimise for your next campaign!
  9. INVOICING: Invoicing is done weekly for routing distributions, due on receipt. For larger one-off distributions, we ay request a deposit, with balance payable in stages or on completion.