Develop your Marketing Strategy for your Business

What exactly IS a Marketing Strategy?

Your marketing strategy is your overall plan of how you will offer your products and services, how you will get attention and attract clients and customers. It embraces everything from your branding, your target audience and ideal client, and covers the broad tactics that you are going to be employing to correctly position your business, and promote yourself. 

The SIX components of an effective Marketing Strategy

Campaign Objectives

What are you trying to achieve? Brand awareness? More customers in your restaurant? Direct Sales? Lead Generation? Quote Requests? 

It is important to have a clearly defined objective, as this will determine how we approach the remaining steps, and show you when you have created a successful campaign!

Target Audience

Defining your target audience, or your Ideal Client, is very important. You should use language and visuals visuals which they can relate to. Understanding them, their problems, what they want, what they don’t want, will help you to create an offer which is irresistible to them. 

It will also help us to choose the correct locations to target with your promotion. 

Alternatively, if you are bound to a certain area geographically, understanding WHO lives in that area can help you to speak to them. 

Our demographics database gives great insights in this step


Crafting an irresistible offer is an art as much as it is science. 

Once you know you are targeting, and you understand as much as possible about what they like and dislike, you can create your offer. 

An offer is the way you present your service to them. 

It should solve an unwanted problem, or provide an attractive reward. The BEST offers do both!


This means where your product, service or brand fits in the marketplace. Are you the luxury brand which offers quality and status? Are you unbeatable on prices? Are you edgy and new? 

Its important that your positioning is in alignment with your Target Audience and Offer. 


This is the step-by-step action plan of how you will execute your marketing strategy. It is the bridge between strategy and execution. 

Consider what promotional channels will you use. This could include distribution of Flyers, Business Cards, Magnets, or the like.  

Think about how you be promoting this same offer in other ways such as in-store or online. 

Look at other promotional channels that you currently have, and how this campaign fits in. 

Online/Offline Integration

This is where you can polish those tactics and make them really shine, by integrating your online and offline promotion. 

Online promotion would be things like your website, social media, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads campaigns, and even email marketing. 

Offline promotion would include flyer distribution, in-store promotion, signage, billboards, newspaper ads, local events, sponsorships, word of mouth and referral campaigns and more. 

By integrating different promotional methods, you can greatly increase the success and rent on investment of your overall campaign. 

You can use things like QR codes, hashtag campaigns, running geo-targetted Facebook ads, setting up unique landing pages, and more. We can strategise with you on the most efficient, cost effectives ways to massively boost the results from your campaign.