We help Australian Businesses get new clients fast through high-quality and reliable flyer distribution and letterbox drops

Do you want to get more results from your flyer distribution?
We've got you covered!

At WE DO FLYERS AUSTRALIA we are passionate about driving customers in on you through high-quality flyer distribution. We know that effective promotion drives sales, and we’re all about making your phone ring, and those emails ding! 

The QUALITY of your promotion is super important to us. We help with everything from marketing strategy, design, writing ad copy that converts, and MOST importantly, ensuring a super high quality delivery of your flyers. 

Sydney Letterbox Drops & Flyer Distribution

Our Australian family business has grown out of a critical need for local businesses just like yours, to have access to cost-effective promotion that cuts through the noise and generates new sales, casters and clients consistently and continuously.

We're based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, in Randwick, and we do Australia wide flyer distributions.

What makes WE DO FLYERS the right choice for your distribution?

Maximum of TWO Flyers

We don't bundle your flyers with ten or fifteen others or stuff it inside a catalogue. We guarantee that no more than two flyers and a business card will be part of any of our distributions. This increases your flyer's effectiveness!

GPS Tracking

All of our Sydney flyer distributions are fully GPS tracked Live. Each walker is monitored live throughout your distribution. We also provide maps at the end of each distribution so you know exactly where your flyers were delivered.

Reliable and Responsive

We pride ourselves on having clear and prompt communication, and providing detailed reports on each distribution. You can always contact us with any request or query, and we will answer promptly.

Custom Routes

We customise your leaflet distribution to target your ideal clients. Choose Houses only, apartments only, residential, or even commercial mailings for B2B.C

Marketing Strategy

Get your marketing strategy planned out to include defining your target audience, demographics data, and create an irresistible offer.

Effective Design

We provide in-house design from scratch, or alterations to existing artwork. Your offer and your flyer need to be eye-catching and enticing with a strong call-to-action

Online Integration

Maximise your exposure and results by integrating your offline advertising with your online marketing campaign. Link to your website, socials, include QR Codes, run FB ad campaigns simultaneously.


At the end of the day, we want you to have incredible success with your flyer distribution. We want to partner with you. We can help to monitor and track the results of your campaign and refine it to get you even greater return.

What our happy Clients are saying (and you could be too!)

Where we deliver

We do flyer distribution across all of Sydney. We service all suburbs, from the Eastern Suburbs to the Northern Beaches, from the Inner West to the Sutherland Shire. Our Service areas include: 

  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Inner Sydney 
  • Inner West
  • North Sydney
  • North Shore
  • Northern Beaches
  • St George & Sutherland Shire
  • Parramatta & Western Sydney

To see a full list of the Sydney suburbs and districts we service, click here.

Will flyer distribution work for you?

Did you know that 87% of Australians read the flyers they receive in their letterbox?

That’s compared to an industry average of 3% open rate of emails…

Now, we’re not saying that emails, and Google Ads, or other online marketing don’t work, or that they don’t have their place. But a VAST majority of Aussies DO read flyers. 

And the results from a letterbox campaign are often IMMEDIATE.

In less than a week, we can have your campaign strategy worked out, your flyer designed, printed, and into the hands of your potential clients, and have them ringing you over the next few days and weeks. 


We’re glad you asked! Just send through your details in our quote generator, and we’ll send you the details for your flyer distribution. 

Once you’re happy to go ahead, we will book you in and get your campaign started!

Our cost for flyer distribution are on average between $100-$150 per thousand, dependant on various factors and the criteria which you select. There are discounts available for large drops, and for ongoing distributions. We also have a Business Card delivery option starting at just $80 per thousand!

We can discuss these options and costs with you, to ensure that we tailor a campaign which suits your budget, as well as your desired campaign results!

Remember, when it comes to promotion, it is an investment which can see a direct return in increased sales and revenue rapidly. While the criteria selected may increase the investment, (for example, houses only costs more than apartments and houses) you have successfully targeted your audience and are therefore going to end up with a higher Return On Investment! 

You can select whether to have your flyers distributed all in one go to saturate an area quickly and thoroughly. Or you may select as set amount of distribution to be done each week, and we will make our way through your selected suburbs. 

You can have them couriered to us, or have your printer send them directly to us. If we are organising the printing for you, they will be sent to us directly. 

We also do Sydney flyer pick ups weekly, ask us about how we can pick up your flyers for you!

No. We do not have a minimum distribution amount. We recommend getting out 5,000 out in any given suburb to get the BEST results. 

Generally, we recommend distributing your flyers in the same area twice, rather than spreading a large number over multiple areas. But each campaign an offer is unique, and we would be happy to consult with you on your strategy to maximise your results.

We know flyers get fantastic results on increased sales and bookings when a strategic campaign is planned out. That said, we would love to review your business and campaign strategy, and do some simple Return on Investment calculations before recommending this to you. 

At this stage we do not do printing. We prefer to focus all of our attention on ensuring you get a quality distribution! We do have some great and reliable printing partners here in Sydney, and we can happily organise your printing for you.